Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mirror Uhura Uniform

I had only been thinking about doing the Mirror Costume in the back of my mind and was terribly afraid I couldn't pull it off. So, I had plans to just make another regular uniform, like I wore in Sacramento last year.

I had bought oodles of red velour weeks before, but had been stalling about the costume and finding someone for some reason. I wanted to use JoAnn, the woman who did mine last year (the original one burnt up, aka was Schmittered in an apt. fire a month after I got back from the Sacramento Con), so eventually I called her--it was about the 2nd week of July.

I already had the regular boots for the standard uniform, as well as the earpiece (from last year) and I ordered the Mirror pin (and patch) from Intergalactic Trading months before. I also managed to find a wooden ISS dagger on ebay which really completed the uniform nicely, I think.

I had been searching on-line for boots and I only found ONE seller on ebay that had thigh-high, low-heel boots that weren't a million quatloos. So, I finally ordered a pair. And you wouldn't BELIEVE what showed up---6 inch heel, platform, lace up the front, zip on the side stripper boots.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Las Vegas and Nichelle Nichols

Wow, my first blog. Thanks a lot, Francine. One more fricking hobby.
This is where I hope to complete my thoughts about the Las Vegas Convention and meeting the divine Ms. Nichols. But I think right now, I need to sleep, considering I didn't sleep worth a darn the entire week leading up to the trip and while I was there.
More to come.